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LED Linear Lighting System

Battery Powered Emergency LED Linear Lighting System

Battery Powered Emergency LED Linear Lighting System

( LED linear trunking system with emergency lighting unit )

Emergency Solution:

Thanks to the preset 11 wires premounted trunking rail, emergency lighting unit can be well integrated into the emergency led trunking system. With two independent emergency lighting circuits and the optional self contained battery, Sanli LED’s linear lighting can provide full power or part of power emergency standby lighting in the event of power failure. General lighting combines with the automatically operating emergency lighting into one integrative lighting solution.  But, you can have more than one option to work out the emergency lighting solution by LED linear trunking system.

Emergency LED Linear Lighting

Emergency LED Linear Lighting HD image

Electronics Parts
In the linear luminaire module with emergency function, there are one LED driver, one emergency switch converter and optional self contained battery to control the lamp for general lighting and emergency lighting. Sanli LED uses Nickel metal‐hydride (NiMH) battery. The battery in the lamp is rechargeable and it is non maintained. Switch converter is for switching from main power to emergency operation. When main power fails, the switch converter will automatically switch the linear luminaire to the external emergency supply (generator or central battery) or self contained emergency supply (built inside battery). By self contained emergency supply, luminaire work at reduced power: 10W.

Electronics on the LED Linear Lighting Module

Electronics on the LED Linear Lighting Module

Emergency Lighting Operation

Based on emergency supply, Sanli LED’s emergency LED linear lighting system falls into two systems.  Only external emergency supply or both external and self contained emergency supply.

Only External Emergency Supply

In the external emergency supply only system, battery is absent in the luminaire. Two independent emergency circuits – EL1 and EN1, EL2 and EN2 in the trunking rail can be opted to connect the linear luminaire to the generator or central battery for emergency supply. Each linear luminaire module can only connect to generator or central battery. Different lamps in one circuit can opted for generator supply or central battery supply if it is available and necessary.
The switch converter can detect when mains supply fails and automatically switch the luminaire from mains supply to generator or central battery for emergency supply. Luminaire light on for 100% brightness in this system.

Both External and Self Contained Emergency Supply

Emergency lighting of this system has two emergency supplies. One is by the emergency circuits to the generator or central battery; another one is by self contained battery supply. When mains fails, luminaire will firstly switch to the generator or central battery for emergency supply by EL1 or EL2 circuit. It illuminates at 100% brightness by external emergency supply. If luminaire fail to get the external emergency supply, it will automatically switch to the built inside battery supply.
Emergency lighting operation by self contained batteries parameters:
Emergency wattage: 10W
luminous flux: 1300lm
Battery: 4000mAh/12V
Duration: 3h
Emergency wattage: 10W
luminous flux: 1300lm
Battery: 1500mAh/12V
Duration: 1h


Working time of  Sanli LED’s emergency linear light is depends on the reduced lighting power and capacity of the built‐in battery. Sanli LED’s emergency linear light offers 1 hours, 3 hour duration.

Respond Time

SanliLED’s emergency lighting can switch on in less than 1 second. The sharpe short respond time can prevent people panicking in the dark.

Wiring Diagram

Linear lighting system with emergency function is with 11‐cables trucking rail. Details are as the following diagrams.
When it is both external and self contained emergency supply system, one continuous phase X in the trunking rail is needed to connect to the luminaire in addition to the switching wire for battery charging and switch off the emergency operation. In this case, either EL1 or EL2 has to be selected as phase X for battery charging.

wiring in 11 Cables Trunking Rail

wiring in 11 Cables Trunking Rail

How to Place Orders for Battery Powered Emergency LED Linear Lighting System

  1. Welcome to contact us and send inquiry.
  2. Send quotation and professional lighting simulation accordingly.
  3. Try sample order to approve the quality,then sign official contract.
  4. Production start immediately once received deposit.
  5. Third party inspection or we can make photos for you to arrange the balance payment.
  6. Shipping by SEA or AIR based on the EXW, or FOB Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen.

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