0.6M 10W Emergency 2ft T8 LED Tube Light Fixtures



0.6M 2 ft 10W Emergency T8 LED Tube Light Fixtures

0.6M 10W Emergency 2ft T8 LED Tube Light Fixtures is a newest LED patent replacement fittings for traditional fluorescent tubes.

t8 led tube light fixtures

2ft t8 led tube light fixtures HD image


Input voltage:AC90-264V
LED type:SMD2835
Emergency lumen:225-710LM
Material: PC  cover+ Aluminum
Recharging time:<12hrs
Emergency time>2-3hrs
Battery  type: Li-polymer battery(3.7v*1100mA)
Control way :Wall switch control, remote control

It Can replace traditional T8/T10 fluorescent tube directly.
As the main power cuts out, it’s used as the emergency light.
Suitable for residence, Shopping mall, Office,  Hotel,  Factory and other places for indoor use.

Basic parameters:

Model NO.: 0.6M 2ft 0.9M 3ft 1.2M 4ft 1.5M 5ft
Power : 10W 15W 20W 28W
Input Voltage: AC90-264V AC90-264V AC90-264V AC90-264V
 Luminous flux: 750LM 900LM 1500-1800LM 2100LM
Emergency LM 225LM 270LM 470LM 710LM
CRI : >70RA >70RA >70RA >70RA
PF : >0.5 >0.5 >0.5 >0.5
Li-ion polymer battery 2*3.7v. 1100mA 2*3.7v.1100mA 4*3.7v.1100mA 4*3.7v.1100mA
CCT : 2800k-6500K 2800k-6500K 2800-6500K 2800k-6500K
Fully charged: <12hrs <12hrs <12hrs <12hrs
Emergency time 〉3H 〉2H 〉2.5H 〉2H
Size(D * L) : ¢26*600mm ¢26*900mm ¢26*1200mm ¢26*1500mm
Switch Control Turn on/off by wall switch

Dimension drawing:

Installation wiring drawing 

Each N line of led emergency tube need connect Null line of power grid. Fluorescent t8 tubes and led normal t8 tubes also can be paralleled with led emergency tubes for using.

Installation instruction and Caution

  1. Emergency LED tube must be paralleled with lighting products, as indicated above.
  2. Wide area(main failure)Fan(it could be perceptual electrical appliances, such as air-extractor、exhaust fan、heat gun etc.)or Rice cooker(it could be resistive electrical appliances .such as water cooler、water heaters)can turn off.
  3. When Small area(a small family power consumption)earth leakage master switch(Air master switch)opening circuit,Fan(it can be perceptual electrical appliance, such as air extractor、ventilation fan、Heat gun etc.)Or rice cooker(also it can be resistive appliance ,such as water cooler, water heater etc.)must be opened;if there aren’t appliances as below, you can insert the sensor we supplied plug in the socket and keep the socket with power supply.
  4. When power off and switch on, it used as an emergency tube, tube will not on when switch off, When power on and switch on, tube will be lighted on and off by wall switch, it used as an normal t8 tube.
  • Replace electronics ballast fluorescent Tube

  1. Cut off the electricity before installating.
  2. Remove electronics ballast.
  3. As shown in above figure, connect T1 and T2 of fluorescent tube, and T3 with T4. at last, connect the holder to electricity.
  4. Replace LED t8 tube as shown in above figure.

Replace electronics ballast fluorescent Tube

  1. Cut off electricity before installing;
  2. Take out electronics starter(Notice:you can cancel 3 steps as follows,but it would lose some power)
  1. As shown in above figure,disconnect the input line and output line of electronics ballast,then connect the disconnected electronic line together.
  2. Replace LED t8 tube as shown above.
  3. Operate according step 3 via instruction of installation.

Back up functions

  1. When switch off and emergency led tube light on automatically(The main reason caused lighting on automatically by quality for inside capacitor of parallelled),it can be corrected by ways as follows.
  2. Switch on lasts 3-5 seconds(again)switch off 3-5 seconds(again)switch on 3-5 seconds(again)switch off 3-5 seconds(again)switch on 3-5 seconds(again)switch off 3-5 seconds,and don’t press switch in 20 minutes(recorrecting after 2 minutes). LED emergency tube will light on about 30 seconds and goes off automatically during 8-12 minutes,at this moment ,the correcting finished and the problem of light on automatically will not come up again.
  3. If still have the problem of lighting up itself after correcting, please change good quality led normal tube which paralleled with emergency tube.

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