Linear Lamp

Linear Luminaire Module – Sharp – 1.2/1.5m – 48/70W

  1. Material: Strong 6063 aluminum
  2. Beam Angel: 30º PMMA lens
  3. Lumen efficiency:  160Lm/W
  4. Installation: Continous Row without Gap
  5. Certificates: TUV CE, Rohs, SAA, C-Tick
  6. Quality Warranty: 7 Years


Linear Luminaire Module – Sharp – 1.2/1.5m – 48/70W

30º beam angel linear luminaire modules mainly used to the shelving lighting in tight spaces such as Supermarkets, Warehouses and Workshops . The maximum ceiling height can be 15 meters.

Linear Luminaire Module

Linear Luminaire Module HD image

Below is the photo for the whole system: (Trunking rail + Linear luminaire module)

LED Linear Trunking light System

Continuous Row LED Linear Trunking System HD image

Main Features:

With beaded 30º lens

5/7/11 wires choice.

Lumen efficiency: 160Lm/W.

Protection rating: IP40

Temperature range: -30°C – +40°C

Service life: up to 50,000 h(L80)

Housing of strong 6063 aluminium, with black, white and silver finish color for selection

Luminaire Dimension:

Length L (mm) W(mm) H(mm) Wt(kg) Qty/CTN
1.2m 1148 64.5 31.5 2 5
1.5m 1434 64.5 31.5 2.5 5

Luminaire Parameter:

Length Power LEDs Lumen CRI UGR Optional
1.2m 48W 132pcs 5200lm >80/>95 <16 Dimming/Emergency/

Motion Sensor

1.5m 48W 165pcs 5400lm >80/>95 <16 Dimming/Emergency/

Motion Sensor

70W 165pcs 9100lm >80/>95 <16 Dimming/Emergency/

Motion Sensor

Order No. System:

Type Length Wire CT Beam Angel Power Color
iLinear= Linear Fixture 1.2=1.2M 5= 5 Wires 3K=3000K S=sharp 40=40W WH=White
1.5=1.5M 7= 7 Wires 4K-4000K N=Narrrow 70=70W BK=Black
11= 11Wires 6K=6000K W=Wide SR=Silver
DS=Double Asymmetric
LS=Left Asymmetric
RS=Right Asymmetric
E.g: iLinear-1.5/48/11/4K-S/WH stands for 1.5M 48W luminaire with 11 wires, 4000K CT, sharp beam, white color housing. For optional function ( like DALI dimmable & emergency ), please order seperately.

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