Linear Lamp

Linear Lighting Module -Double Asymmetric – 1.2/1.5m – 48/70W

  1. Material: Strong 6063 aluminum
  2. Beam Angel: Doulbe 25º PMMA lens
  3. Lumen efficiency: 160Lm/W
  4. Installation: Continous Linkable without gap
  5. Certificates: TUV CE, Rohs, SAA, C-Tick
  6. Quality Warranty: 7 Years


Linear Lighting Module -Double Asymmetric – 1.2/1.5m – 48/70W

Double 25º linear lighting module for suspended applications such as the shelving in large space of supermarkets, hypermarkets and warehouses.

LED Linear Lighting Module

LED Linear Lighting Module HD image

Below is the whole LED linear system (Trunking Rail + Linear Lighting Module).

LED Linear Trunking Lights

LED Linear Trunk Lights HD image

Main Features:

5/7/11 wires choice

Lumen efficiency: 160Lm/W

Protection rating: IP40

Temperature range: -30°C – +40°C

Service life: up to 50,000 h(L80)

Housing of strong 6063 aluminium, with black, white finish color for selection

Luminaire Dimension:

Length L (mm) W(mm) H(mm) Wt(kg) Qty/CTN
1.2m 1148 64.5 33 2 5
1.5m 1434 64.5 33 2.5 5

Luminaire Parameter:

Length Power LEDs Lumen CRI UGR Optional
1.2m 48W 132pcs 5200lm >80/>95 <16 Dimming/Emergency/

Motion Sensor

1.5m 48W 165pcs 5400lm >80/>95 <16 Dimming/Emergency/

Motion Sensor

70W 165pcs 9100lm >80/>95 <16 Dimming/Emergency/

Motion Sensor

Order No. System:

Type Length Wire CT Beam Angel Power Color
iLinear= Linear Fixture 1.2=1.2M 5= 5 Wires 3K=3000K S=sharp 40=40W WH=White
1.5=1.5M 7= 7 Wires 4K-4000K N=Narrrow 70=70W BK=Black
11= 11Wires 6K=6000K W=Wide SR=Silver
DS=Double Asymmetric
LS=Left Asymmetric
RS=Right Asymmetric

E.g: iLinear-1.5/DS/7/4K/70/BK stands for 1.5M, 7 wires, Double aysmmetric 25º agnel led linear lighting module at 4000K, 70W, Black color housing. For optional function          ( like dimmable & emergency), please order seperately.

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